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  Education/Participant Survey
  Focus Group
  Key Informant Interview
  Media Activity Record
  Policy Record
  Public Intercept Survey/Opinion Poll
  Tobacco Purchase Survey
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  Activity Record
  Behavioral Health/Mental Health/Healthcare Providers
  Community Engagement/Coalitions/Youth/Community Leaders
  Flavored Tobacco Products
  General Plan
  Health Equity/Priority Populations
  Law Enforcement
  Multi-Unit Housing/Smokefree Homes
  Retail/Sale of Tobacco (price, pack/volume size, density, zoning)
  Schools/Academic Institutions
  Smoke-free/Secondhand Smoke (dining, parks, non-recreational public areas, taxi, rental cars, Uber, Lyft, casinos, hotels)
  Thirdhand Smoke
  Tobacco Use (ESDs, smokeless, emerging products)
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